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Due to rising gas prices and costs associated with an aging fleet of vehicles, Noble County Council on Aging/Noble Transit System is forced to increase fare rates for rides.

We have been able to hold our own through the past few years. We haven’t raised fare rates since 2008, but increased costs along with stagnant grant income requires this increase.

We have been committed to doing everything possible to avoid reductions in service. In order to avoid raising rates, we have cut costs in every area over which we have control. All employees agreed to take pay cuts, benefits were reduced and employee hours have been cut.

Specifically for seniors, we have been able to transport anyone over 60 years of age within Noble County for a donation. This has been supplemented by Title III-B funds provided by Aging & In-Home Services of NE Indiana. Those Title III-B funds have not increased  since 2007, and yet our senior rides have increased 41% in that same time period. We have always asked our senior riders for donations to help make up the difference. Some seniors have been very generous. Some have donated more than they would have been charged for the ride. To those seniors we are extremely grateful. The fact is that in 2011, we received $45,566 from Title III-B funds and $12,297 in donations for a total of $57,863. Our cost to provide those trips was $98,965.

Without any additional funding, we are forced to charge seniors a fare for non-medical trips beginning June 1, 2012. To help soften the blow, we are offering a reduced priced ticket for purchase to seniors. With the ticket, seniors will be able to ride anywhere in the county for $3.00 per ride.

The new rates to take effect on June 1 are:

0-5 miles……………………$4.00

6-10 miles…………………..$7.00

11-15 miles…………………$10.00

16-20 miles…………………$13.00

Over 20 miles……………...$1.50 per mile


Riders under 60 can purchase a 10 stop ticket for $1 off the regular rate for each ride.


Seniors (60 and over) may purchase a ten stop ticket for $30.00 ($3.00 per ride within Noble County).

Noble County Council On Aging & Noble Transit

111 Cedar Street

Kendallville, Indiana 46755