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Visit These 9 Creepy Ghost Towns In Indiana At Your Own Risk

Whether you’re feeling adventurous or brave, you will be happy to know there are a lot of ghost towns in Indiana. Some of these towns are believed to be haunted, and others are just referred to as the extinct or forgotten towns of Indiana. For one reason or another, these are towns in Indiana people do not really live in anymore; and some people don’t even know they exist!

There was a time where Brisco (also known as Briscoe) was the name of a small town located in Warren County, Indiana. As of the 20th century, this tiny town that consisted of a one-room school and general store has ceased to exist. In fact, you are going to have a hard time finding it on a map! This town was located roughly nine miles to the northwest of Williamsport.

Chatterton is the name of another small town located in Warren County that has dwindled away to nothing. While the location of this town can still be found on maps, all that really remains is one mailbox and a single house.

Corwin is the name of a small town in Indiana that never really lived much of a life. Romney, a community nearby, flourished so well that Corwin never stood a chance. You can, however, find this extinct town on some maps under the name Corwin Station.

Renner is technically still listed as a populated place, but it's very much an extinct community in Indiana. There was a time where Renner was a railroad stop. The land near the stop used to be a supplier of timber. There were houses nearby for families of the employees who worked on the timer as well as a livestock farm.

Sloan is the name of a town that was once located between Jordan Township and Steuben Township. It was less than a mile to the east of a town called Hedrick. By in the 1990’s, the railroad that ran through the town had ceased to operate and the tracks have since been removed. As you can see from the picture, nothing remains but a few buildings being reclaimed by nature.

Mollie is the name of a town in Indiana that flourished from the 1880’s until the 1920’s during the Indiana Gas Boom. Today, none of the commercial buildings in this town are still standing. The railroad track is gone, but there are two houses left. You can find what little is left of this town between Hartford City and Montpelier.

During the 1920’s, Dunn was home to a grain elevator, two general stores, and about six residents. It also had a post office from 1907 to 1913. As you can see from the picture, the town is in the process of being reclaimed by nature.

Elizabethtown is the name of a town that was once located in the northern portion of Delaware County. The economy of the town thrived thanks to a flower and saw mill. The only thing that still exists of the town today is the Elizabethtown Cemetery.

Granville is the name of a town that was once located in Tippecanoe County. The town was inhabited by Wea Native Americans during the 1830’s. There is a cemetery near the east of where the town was across from the Wabash River that still has the name of the town on it.

Ok so, these ghost towns in Indiana don’t come equipped with creepy ghost stories or urban legends. However, it is still pretty creepy to explore abandoned buildings or the remains of buildings being reclaimed by nature. Who knows? Maybe you will run into some paranormal activities if you head into the areas where these towns once stood!

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