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The Ultimate Indiana Waterfalls Road Trip (Part 2: Southern Indiana)

Kokiwanee is full of old growth forests, natural springs, and wildflowers, and the seasonal waterfalls here are one of many beautiful sites to see! The site is a former Girl Scout Camp and covers over 140 acres.
The preserve is very close Salamonie River State Forest (Stop #2) and Hathaway Preserve, which is the next stop on our Waterfalls Roadtrip!
5821 E 50 S, Lagro, IN 46941

The Hathaway Preserve features an amazing gorge full of fossils, vertical limestone cliffs, and beautiful waterfalls!
The shallow Ross Run tributary flows over exposed bedrock and you can follow the creek along a 2-mile hiking trail. In the winter, the falls ice over and turns the area into a winter wonderland. If you are lucky, you will see one of the park's many bald eagles!

France Park is just a few miles outside of Logansport. There are tons of activities to do in the county park (including camping, fishing, and even scuba diving!), which is located at an old quarry, and the France Park Falls are easy to access and make for a fun stop if you are in the area. If you want to stay a bit longer, there are several miles of trails in the area, but for our trip, we only made a quick visit so we could move on to our next stop.
4505 W US-24, Logansport, Indiana 46947

With a height of 90 feet, Williamsport Falls is the tallest free-falling waterfall in Indiana. This narrow plunging falls has cut a cool little spout in the sandstone ledge, and the pool it spills into was once a sandstone quarry that produced much of the rock used in the foundations of buildings in the town of Williamsport.
In the 19th century, the falls flowed enough to support a mill, but the changing landscape of the area and the diversion of the creek for farm irrigation has left the water flow inconsistent, and at times the falls are entirely dry…but if you do catch them flowing, the view is quite beautiful!
25 North Monroe Street, Williamsport, IN 47993